Animal & Pet Tooth Extraction

Because a pet’s health can be seriously compromised by oral problems, it is often essential for tooth extraction(s) to be performed, especially in cases that involve unsalvageable tooth fractures, tooth reabsorption and severe periodontal disease. Often, it is healthier and more comfortable for a pet to have a tooth removed than live with a tooth that is causing constant pain. 

What to Expect if Your Pet has a Tooth Extraction 

Every animal tooth extraction is different, and the length of the procedures can vary depending on the tooth that needs to be removed and any disease that may be present. 

Most pet tooth extractions require incisions to be made in the adjacent gum tissue, so the root of the tooth can be accessed. The bone that overlies each root will usually need to be removed, so each root can be extracted separately. Once the tooth is removed, the alveolus, or socket, is flushed to remove any debris, and the extraction site is closed with absorbable sutures.

Are There Side Effects With Veterinary Tooth Extraction?

A tooth extraction is a surgical procedure, so there are always risks associated with it, but this is a procedure that is performed frequently, so risks tend to be low and complications are rare. Recovery from this procedure is usually quick and free from side effects other than temporary oral discomfort and minor bleeding. 

How Will My Pet Manage With Fewer Teeth?

This is a common question because teeth are so important to a pet. The reality is that pets acclimate very quickly to having fewer teeth. In fact, the affected tooth or teeth were probably causing your pet so much discomfort that they were not being used anyway. Once removed, your pet will be in noticeably less pain and be able to eat her usual food with greater comfort and pleasure. You may likely find that their appetite is greatly improved.

If your pet is having oral pain, schedule an appointment with one of the veterinarians at North Shore Animal League America’s Pet Health Centers. We can give your pet the dental care needed to stay happy and healthy.