Veterinary Blood Tests & Bloodwork

At North Shore Animal League America, our pet clinic offers affordable, state-of-the-art veterinary blood tests. With our built-in laboratory facilities, we’re able to conduct a variety of laboratory tests and analyze pet bloodwork after the veterinarian or vet technician collects the appropriate samples. 

Your pet’s blood test is important for assisting in the diagnosis and monitoring of disease and infection. At our pet health clinic, we can test and analyze packed cell volume, hemoglobin concentration, red and white blood cell count, and other valuable tests to help identify key markers. Since early detection is often the most important factor in any prognosis, having an on-site laboratory enables us to perform veterinary blood tests quickly and efficiently.

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If your pet is not acting like herself, she could have an illness that’s causing her to feel under the weather. In some cases, pet bloodwork is needed to find out the underlying cause of a pet’s health problem.

If your pet requires bloodwork, then schedule an appointment at North Shore Animal League’s pet clinic today. We can take samples, process the tests, and analyze the results all under one roof, so you get the answers you’re looking for quicker. 

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