Animal & Pet Veterinary Hydrotherapy

North Shore Animal League America’s pet clinics offer a variety of recuperative and therapeutic services for all manner of pets. One of the specialty services we offer is animal hydrotherapy, which uses the buoyancy, viscosity, resistance, and hydrostatic pressure of water to allow the patient to exercise her joints with less stress and pain. Incredibly effective at helping pets recover after surgery, pet hydrotherapy is also beneficial for dogs diagnosed with degenerative joint disease, joint problems, and other painful conditions. 

Animal & Pet Veterinary Hydrotherapy

Veterinary hydrotherapy is an effective treatment protocol because it improves circulation, increases joint flexibility, and reduces joint pain. It improves muscle strength and endurance, strengthens the pet’s cardiovascular and respiratory systems and enhances range of motion and agility. 

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At our state-of-the-art wellness center, we offer hydrotherapy treatments to help dogs, cats, and other animals suffering from conditions such as arthritis, post-operative recovery, obesity and spinal injury. But your pet doesn’t need to be injured to benefit from hydrotherapy. Walking or swimming in warm water is also a great form of exercise for healthy pets looking to burn off extra energy. 

If you would like for your pet to receive animal hydrotherapy at our facility, then schedule a consultation at North Shore Animal League America’s pet clinic today. We offer the advanced veterinary solutions your pet needs at an affordable price.

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