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Animal & Pet X-Rays

North Shore Animal League Americas veterinary clinic is outfitted with the very latest digital radiograph technology and equipment, which allows us to achieve state-of-the-art pet x-ray results without requiring you to take your pet to a specialist. We have a complete lab built into our clinic, so you can have your pet examined and her images taken, processed and analyzed all under one roof.

Animal x-rays are often required when a pet is suffering from musculoskeletal problems or has swallowed a foreign object. This test is often used to help detect fractures, tumors, injuries, infections, and deformities. Although x-rays may not always provide enough information to determine the exact cause of your pet’s problem, they can play a vital role in helping your veterinarian determine which other tests may be needed to make a diagnosis.

Schedule Your Pet’s Examination Today

In many cases, animal x-rays are among the first tests performed by veterinarians because they can help the vet rule out a wide variety of concerns. If your pet is sick or not acting like herself, there can be a wide range of potential causes. Schedule an appointment for your pet to be examined today. And, if she needs an x-ray performed, you can have it done right here in our clinic while you wait.

Call us today at 516-883-2000 to schedule an appointment.