Apr 24 2018

May is Pet Allergy Awareness Month


Dogs and Cats often experience allergies to pollen, grasses, dust, and mold just as humans do. Unlike humans, they do not get watery eyes or runny noses; instead they experience allergies as itchy and red skin and feet, recurring ear infections, or hair loss. These same symptoms can be seen with allergies to fleas or certain ingredients in their foods. The red irritated skin can also lead to secondary infections of the skin, ears, or anal glands. There are many tests veterinarians can do to determine the cause of your pets allergies, including a prescription diet trial, skin cytology, skin scrape, or a fungal culture.

During the month of May, when you schedule an allergy exam at our Pet Health Centers you’ll save on the following tests and treatments to help your pet get back to enjoying the spring season.*

  • 10% off Derm Diagnostic Package, which includes: skin cytology, skin scrape, and fungal culture.

  • 10% off Prescription Hypoallergenic Food

  • 10% off Shampoos, Omega Supplements, Apoquel

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call (516) 883-2000 or email us at phc@animalleague.org.

*The exam and any other diagnostics or treatments will be at normal cost. Special offer is by appointment only.


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