May 30 2018

June is Rabies Vaccination Month


During the month of June, the Veterinary Team at our Pet Health Centers is spreading the word on keeping your pet up to date on their rabies vaccinations, and offering $15 vaccinations all month long. Whether indoor or outdoor pets, it’s the best way to protect them from harm.*

If a pet who is not up to date on its rabies vaccination were to bite a human, it could be required to have a 6-month-long quarantine at the owner’s expense, or euthanasia could be required in order to test it for rabies. In order to protect your pet from rabies infection and from the legal consequences of bites to humans, make an appointment today to get your pet up to date on its rabies vaccination.


Rabies is a viral infection that is transmitted by the bite of an infected animal. The virus attaches to the muscle near the bite wound, and then enters nearby nerves where the immune system can no longer access it. It then ascends up the nerves to the brain, where it causes neurologic symptoms and death. Symptoms can take an average of 21-80 days to show in an infected dog; once symptoms occur, death typically follows within 10 days. Treatment is nearly impossible once symptoms show.


Wild animals are usually the source of the infection, but only mammals can be infected. In the Northern Hemisphere, the most common wild animal species to transmit rabies to pets and humans are raccoons, bats, foxes, skunks, and coyotes. Bats can gain access to pets that are kept exclusively indoors, and often leave bite wounds that are too small to see. For this reason, vaccination is legally required for cats, dogs, and ferrets, even if they live exclusively indoors.

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*The exam and any other diagnostics or treatments will be at normal pricing. Special offer is by appointment only.


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