Jun 20 2018

July is Parasite Awareness Month


During the month of July, the Veterinary Team at our Pet Health Centers is offering a special promotion to make sure your pet is safe from intestinal parasites. For a limited time, receive 10% off fecal testing, and $5 off intestinal parasite dewormer. 


Intestinal parasites cause a year-round health risk to our pets. Intestinal worms can be a serious problem for puppies and kittens, often causing anemia, poor growth development, and intestinal obstruction. Adult dogs and cats with weakened immune system are also more likely to experience severe intestinal parasitism and show clinical signs due to their worms.

Some of the most common intestinal parasites can cause infestations in humans as well as animals, so prevention can protect both our two-legged and four-legged family members. Prevention is easy using monthly chewable or topical products that your veterinarian can help you choose. We recommend testing a fecal sample every 6 months to check for intestinal worms.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call (516) 883-2000 or email us at phc@animalleague.org.

*The exam and any other diagnostics or treatments will be at normal pricing. Special offer is by appointment only.


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