North Shore Animal League America’s commitment to animals doesn’t end when our four-legged friends are adopted. Most behavior issues and concerns can be modified and/or controlled with proper guidance. We provide affordable, quality services that can help families struggling with behavioral and training issues, or assist new pet parents looking for some guidance in raising their new canine family member.

We offer a variety of classes taught by certified dog trainers from our dedicated Pet Behavior team at our Port Washington, N.Y. campus. Each six-week program is designed to make your furry friend the best canine companion they can be.

  • North Shore Animal League America wants to help your dog become the best canine companion they can be, and to help we’re offering a variety of classes taught by dog trainers from our dedicated Pet Behavior team. If you’d like to enroll your dog in one of our upcoming classes please fill out and submit the form below, and someone will contact you shortly.
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    Fees for each 6 week course are $125 for Adopters, $175 for Non-Adopters. Private sessions are $75 per hour.
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Available Sessions

Puppy Nursery - Ages 8-15 weeks

This course will focus on socialization, which prevents many serious behavior problems, such as aggression and fear that may develop as your puppy matures.

  • We will slowly expose your puppy to other dogs and puppies for generalization, and hold playtime groups where you and your puppy will learn vital socialization skills. So as to foster good temperament, other dog owners will also handle your pet.
  • The curriculum will give you tips on socialization, household manners, house-training, nutrition and health, crate training, nipping and biting.
  • We also practice problem-prevention techniques to act as the foundation for a well-adjusted puppy.
  • Fee: Adopters $125, Non-Adopters $175

Puppy Kindergarten - Ages 16-24 weeks

In this class, we will be allowing puppies to play in order to continue their socialization and practice of talking dog. You will learn more about body language and how dogs communicate with each other, as well as humans.

  • Dogs will be taught to pay attention to their person to “sit”, “down”, and “come,” along with impulse control.
  • We will give you tips on socialization, household manners, house-training, nipping and biting.
  • We’ll also practice problem-prevention techniques to act as the foundation for a well-adjusted puppy.
  • Fee: Adopters $125, Non-Adopters $175

Family Manners - Ages 6 months & older

This course is designed to teach pet parents the basics of dog training. The goal is to give you the information and skills you’ll need to provide your dog with the tools to become the best four-legged family member you ever had.

  • Behavior problems will be addressed.
  • Dog will be taught how to “sit & stay”, “down & stay”, “come”, leaving distractions, and “watch” cue.
  • Leash manners: How to walk on a loose leash, polite leash greeting, introducing “heel”.
  • Fee: Adopters $125, Non-Adopters $175

Private Behavior Consultations & Training Sessions

Imagine arriving in a foreign country where nobody spoke English and you were asked to perform a task based on a 15-minute lecture outlining what was expected of you in intricate detail. Are you starting to get anxious? Now think about how your dog feels – English, Spanish, Hebrew, Chinese – it’s all foreign to them. He or she speaks Dog, which is a much more simplistic language. And it’s a language, our Pet Behavior Team will help you understand so that your dog can communicate better with you, and you can communicate better with your dog. Depending on the behavioral issue, we can use behavior modification techniques or basic training to address your concerns, including:

  • Excessive Barking
  • Destructive Chewing
  • Housetraining
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Shyness and Fear
  • Counter Surfing
  • Jumping on People
  • Begging for Food
  • Pulling on Leash

You will also learn about canine body language so you will be able to better read your dog’s signals preceding reactive behavior, the right kind of equipment to help manage your dog’s aggression, and behaviors to teach your dog how to defer to you rather than react. We can address concerns such as:

  • Leash Lunging
  • Aggression towards people and other dogs
  • Food Aggression
  • Possession Aggression
  • Territorial Aggression
  • Body-Handling Issues

Fee for private sessions is $75 per hour.

To learn more about the Professional Behavior Training Program, call 516-883-7900 ext. 342 and ask to speak with a Behavior Specialist.

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