• Aug 27 2020

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    Hurricane Laura and Your Pets

    Hurricane Laura is causing extensive flooding and damage along the Gulf Coast of Southwest Texas and Louisiana. Because Hurricane Laura made landfall as a Category 4 storm on the heels of Tropical…

  • Aug 24 2020

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    Disaster Preparedness During COVID-19

    The height of hurricane season is still a few weeks away, yet 2020 is already a record-breaking year. Hurricane Hanna, which brought flooding rains to South Texas, was the earliest storm in recorded…

  • Aug 20 2020

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    August 22nd is National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day!

    Recent studies have shown that more than half the cats in the US have not been seen by a veterinarian within the past year for a wellness visit! And 50% cat owners feel that a visit to the…

  • Aug 13 2020

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    It’s Check the Chip Day!

    Every year there are news stories of pets that have gone missing, only to turn up weeks, months, or even years later! Reuniting lost pets with their owners is much simpler when the pet has been…

  • Jul 30 2020

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    August is Immunization Awareness Month: Check Your Pet’s Immunization Record! 

    Vaccines are one of the greatest medical discoveries – they fundamentally changed modern medicine. Starting with the smallpox vaccine in the 18th century, vaccines continue to…

  • Jul 29 2020

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    Summer Pet Safety Tips When Using Curbside Services

    As we continue to serve our pet-loving community during this difficult time, our Pet Health Centers are continuing with curbside service at both the Alex Lewyt Medical Center and the Don and Karen…

  • Jul 23 2020

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    Celebrate National Mutt Day on July 31st!

    July 31st marks National Mutt Day! Whether you call them “Mutts”, “Heinz 57s”, or Mixed breeds, one thing’s for sure, mutts are adorable! Created by animal welfare advocate in 2005, National…